Closing a data masking project

Every project comes to an end and this one could not be less. However, there are some details that must be finalized before taking it to production and releasing it in hands of the client and users. First, let’s define the actual status of the project. We have configured the environments, the Sensitive Data Map … Read more

Subsetting: not the whole database, just part of it

In the previous post we have seen how our tool can transform real data into data that isn’t real but that looks like to use it in nonproductive environments such us QA or development. Now, we are bringing a new feature that, according with our experience, is a great utility when databases have large volumes … Read more

It’s time to data mask

In today’s post we are going to explain the dissociation process, but before that, let’s recall how we got here and what is coming now. Documentation request and initial project monitoring meetings. Creation of the Sensitive Data Inventory. Synchronization of the metamodel of the databases in Icaria. Execution and iterations over the Sensitive Data Map. … Read more

Sensitive Data Map

The Sensitive Data Map is the result of the search for sensitive information that we have covered in the last posts. It offers a model of the candidate fields for dissociation and an essential aid for the subsequent configuration. Also, the Sensitive Data Map presents relevant information about the content of the databases. This post … Read more