Protects people's rights over their sensitive data in production environments

icaria GDPR applies the right to be forgotten and other rights of individuals over their sensitive data in the production environment of applications, whether they are bespoke developments or standard products.
Ensure the application of the right to be forgotten for customers, employees and collaborators, and contribute to a responsible use of data.
Automate the process of applying GDPR rights and avoid the errors of manual processing.
Reduce management costs through comprehensive management of all applications that store customer, employee and collaborator data.
Sensitive data discovery
Automatically locate the sensitive data of interested parties in the database.
Interested party search engine
Locate the individuals for whom to apply the right to be forgotten (interested parties) in the database using identification criteria.
Delete or anonymise sensitive data
Delete or anonymise sensitive data of interested parties, based on application conditions.
Specific rules for each interested party
Define interested parties and create plans for applying the right to be forgotten based on their nature.
Process multiple applications and databases simultaneously
Apply the rights to custom-built applications and products with different database technologies.
Automate the process
Automatically execute the process though web services. Enable integration with third-party tools via REST API and extensible code.
Track actions and logs history and operations for individuals.
Role-based application access control
Grant the right access privileges to users.

Meet the organisation GDPR compliance needs

Compliance with
ARCO rights

icaria GDPR extracts personal data and stores it in an independent repository, which primarily enables the application of access and deletion rights.

Control of
ARCO requests

icaria GDPR manages the lifecycle of the data structure of the parties concerned.
It organises, undertakes and tracks the fulfilment of the requests received.

Provide security to your production environments

Reduce potential production errors that arise from manual processes, automating cancellation requests and minimise the impact of security breaches.

Do you want to manage your test and production environments efficiently?

Request a free consultation and reduce your working hours, increase the quality of your software and comply with the data protection laws.

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Our clients’ opinions

We were seeking a tool to cover GDPR requirements in test data management processes. Previously, we carried out a broad market study, finding software tools from large manufacturers very focused on specific systems, but this was not suitable for our heterogeneity and the adaptations were very complex and had high costs. With ICARIA, we had the flexibility that our heterogenous technology ecosystem needed. Additionally, we have found that the ICARIA solution is applicable to a wide spectrum of data management needs and its life cycle.

Jorge Rodríguez

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Thanks to the Icaria GDPR solution we have been able to comply with the data protection law in the requirement of the right to be forgotten of our customers. In a highly complex data model such as Generali's, Icaria GDPR has allowed us to define different rules to build a decoupling tree where all our particularities are contemplated. Above all, I would highlight the technical and human quality of the team. Providing technical solutions to overcome the obstacles we have encountered along the way. Proactively addressing actions to optimize processes and improve execution times. Being available and showing involvement at all times. In short, I have always known that they were there and that I could count on them.

Montserrat Torrente

Product Owner at Generali
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