Overcome the data challenge: Test data | GDPR compliance | Data integrity

At icaria Technology we help you automate and mask data in test environments, improve the quality of your software and guarantee compliance with the data protection laws.
Reduce Time to Market by testing faster and more efficiently with the right data
Reduce costs, standardising and automating data processing actions
Increase the security of your data in production and testing environments
Comply with the GDPR  by respecting the privacy of your customers, employees, and suppliers

Our solutions

Test data management

The data that testers and automated tests need, when they need it and as often as they need it.

Right to be forgotten

Blocking and deleting personal data in production applications, facilitating the application of ARCO rights as required by the GDPR.

Data governance

Guarantees the consistency and integrity of the business-critical information stored in different databases.

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Our clients’ opinions

We chose icaria TDM because it offers us complete protection of sensitive information and realistic data for testing.

Luis Valero

Quality and Architecture Manager at Aegon
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We had a challenge with the test data, it used to take hours on average and now it takes minutes. We are still debugging, but from the main functionalities, the improvement has been very big. We now have the ability to improve the quality of the test, because we were losing a lot of time when it came to testing. I would like to highlight the proactivity of the netZima team, what for us were problems, they have always provided solutions. Icaria is a very competitive and powerful technology to generate test models.

Pilar Grande Ayuso

Project Manager at Orange
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We chose icaria TDM because they shows us a real, specific problem being solved: the availability of test data.

Pablo Pascual

IT Corporate Development Director en Prosegur
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It was difficult for us to automate as much as possible. The solution we had before was very complicated and very difficult to maintain. With Icaria's technology we have had a radical change, we have come to have processes that took days to minutes. This has had a very big impact on the waiting times of the teams. At the beginning we were a bit skeptical and doubted whether an external tool would be able to generate the data. After testing it we realized that it could. Before there were tests that we couldn't do and now we can do them and comply with GDPR at the same time.

Raquel Moreno

Project Manager at Orange
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We were seeking a tool to cover GDPR requirements in test data management processes. Previously, we carried out a broad market study, finding software tools from large manufacturers very focused on specific systems, but this was not suitable for our heterogeneity and the adaptations were very complex and had high costs. With ICARIA, we had the flexibility that our heterogenous technology ecosystem needed. Additionally, we have found that the ICARIA solution is applicable to a wide spectrum of data management needs and its life cycle.

Jorge Rodríguez

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Masmovil is a company based on innovation. Our clients constantly request new solutions. Icaria Lean Factory is among the business software that we need to launch new products and services before our competition.

Meinrad Spenger

CEO & Founder de Masmovil
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Thanks to the Icaria GDPR solution we have been able to comply with the data protection law in the requirement of the right to be forgotten of our customers. In a highly complex data model such as Generali's, Icaria GDPR has allowed us to define different rules to build a decoupling tree where all our particularities are contemplated. Above all, I would highlight the technical and human quality of the team. Providing technical solutions to overcome the obstacles we have encountered along the way. Proactively addressing actions to optimize processes and improve execution times. Being available and showing involvement at all times. In short, I have always known that they were there and that I could count on them.

Montserrat Torrente

Product Owner at Generali
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