Secure, accurate, and available data across all business operations

icaria Data Governance is the platform that allows organizations to implement the proper process for controlling and ensuring the quality of the data you handle. It provides the total control and quality assurance that you need to manage, understand, and effectively share your organization's data.
Understand how business concepts are represented in each of the data sources and storage systems
Improve the quality, monitoring, and attribution of responsibilities for total control over your Data
Enhance organizational alignment by linking business concepts with data processes
Efficient data discovery
Find and access your data quickly and efficiently with a comprehensive view of the location of your data assets throughout the organization
Secure data classification
Structure and safeguard your data using labels and categories, upholding your company's security and privacy standards
Data quality enhancement
Enhance data reliability and accuracy. Identify and rectify issues, and obtain metrics designed to maintain the integrity of your data assets
Effective collaboration
Promote collaboration among teams through a unified data management platform
Business glossary
Establish a shared language within your organization with a common key business terms
Consistent data management
Ensure the consistency of reference data and assess the coherence of complex business structures across applications
Enterprise data uniformity
Implement business standards and rules across the company to prevent the duplication of data and errors
Regulatory compliance and auditing
Comply with regulations applicable to your data and audit all actions taken to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance

Satisfy the requirements of the Data Governance stakeholders

Facilitates decision-making

icaria DG enables more informed decision-making, resulting in increased operational efficiency, market opportunity identification, and a strong competitive advantage

Complies with current regulations

icaria DG enables compliance with data privacy and security regulations, mitigating legal risks and strengthening customer trust

Ensures effective resource management

icaria DG maximizes your resource utilization by enhancing asset allocation and control, leading to increased efficiency throughout the organization

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