We industrialise software development and testing

More creative and productive IT teams
We create products that allow our clients to focus on creative and high value activities of software development and testing, leaving standardised and repetitive tasks to the machines.
Solutions through the data metamodel
icaria solutions understand the business data metamodel and data architecture. Our clients obtain great value from this knowledge.

History and mission

We founded netZima in 2001 to provide a framework in which to create solutions to the challenges of developing and testing business software. We wanted to apply what we have learnt at very large companies and also try new things.

In 2006 we proved the viability of our ideas on how to create large information systems efficiently with the first commercial version of icaria Lean Factory.

With icaria Lean Factory we contributed to bring the “lean” concept from industry to software development and testing, and demonstrated that creating automated business software is much more efficient than manual programming.

With icaria Lean Factory we have created the solutions which allow us to say that we are fulfilling our mission of industrialising the development and testing of business software.

Our way of working

We contribute to create a stimulating and motivating working environment
We allow ourselves to take risks and learn from our experiences
We say NO if our technology is not the best solution
Our values
It is not easy to describe things like this section's content. Please take this as a reflection of how we would like to be, even if this is not always the case. We have written it to review and improve it from time to time.

We are ambitious. For us, being successful means achieving our business objectives, but also doing so in a way that makes us proud. We are committed to our clients and their projects. We will do everything we can to help them be successful. This includes saying no if our technology is not the best solution for their needs.

We support other people’s work, and celebrate both our own achievements and what we learn as a team. We rely on innovation, so we strive to create a risk-free environment. This means that our people are allowed to make mistakes. This is the price to pay for creating new solutions. But we are demanding. Trying new things and failing is not the same as repeating the same mistakes.

We also seek, and most of the time obtain, a work-life balance. We do our best to empower our people. This includes remote working and flexible working hours. Of course, this requires responsible individuals.

You can call this our values.

Meet our clients:

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Pedro Luis Primo
Founding Partner and Technology Head

Pedro Luis is the ideologue of icaria and the true technological brain of the company. Pedro Luis is a Telecommunications Engineer for the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Enrique Almohalla
Founding Partner and CEO

Enrique coordinates the different areas in the company and manages the finances. Enrique is also an Associate Lecturer in Operations and Technology at IE BUSINESS SCHOOL.
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