New Year's Resolutions

Our Goals for 2024 from icaria Technology: A Journey towards Innovation and Excellence

At icaria Technology, we don't just see 2024 as a new year, but an extraordinary opportunity to grow, innovate, and be benchmarks in the technology industry. We want to share with you the purposes and goals we have set for this year. Each one reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and the satisfaction of our clients and Partners.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

  1. Learning and Deep Application: We commit to learning and applying the most advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques, such as deep learning and artificial intelligence, to improve the management and analysis of structured and unstructured data.
  2. Smart Data Map: The icaria Map will see a significant transformation. With these new techniques, we hope not only to increase its efficiency but also its ability to provide personalized and valuable insights for our clients.

Evolution of icaria GDPR

  1. More Intuitive User Interface (UI): In this respect, we will focus on exponentially improving the user experience by designing interfaces that are not only functional but also visually attractive and easy to use.
  2. Flexibility in Life Cycles and Logical Deletion: We will expand the capabilities of our data life cycles with logical deletion options, giving users greater control and security in managing their data.
  3. Clarity in Status Messages: We will reinforce the clarity and precision of status messages, making it easier for users to immediately understand the status of their data.
  4. Commitment to Data Governance: We will further integrate data governance with data protection regulations, reaffirming our commitment to security and responsibility in data management.

Refinement of Error Management Architecture

Optimization and Stability: Our goal is to strengthen the error management architecture in all our modules, ensuring a more stable, intuitive, and hassle-free user experience.

Innovations in icaria Studio Web

Advancements in Web Session Management: We will optimize user sessions in icaria Studio so that with a single application deployment (WAR), you can open several sessions simultaneously, a significant improvement over the previous limitation of only one active user per application.

This functionality not only facilitates real-time collaboration and more efficient multitasking but also makes the user experience more intuitive and accessible to everyone. Ideal for teams looking to maximize their productivity, this innovation represents our constant dedication to simplifying and empowering daily work.

A Step Further in the Development of icaria TDM

We will work on being able to choose archetypes from SQL conditions as input for segmentation since this is one of the fundamental processes of the tool.

What does this new year mean for icaria Technology?

At icaria Technology, we understand that technology is a constant adventure towards discovery, efficiency, and improving everyday life. We are dedicated to exploring new frontiers in the world of technology, always with the goal of offering solutions that not only satisfy but exceed the expectations of our clients.

We look forward to 2024 with great enthusiasm and anticipation. Each goal we have described is a step forward in our mission to transform and improve the world through technology.

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