Design and create business applications without programming

icaria Lean Factory is the MDA platform that allows business software creation without programming, reducing costs,startup and maintenance times.
Get to market faster by responding to business needs with shorter cycles of design, development and testing of new applications.
Reduce the cost of new applications by decreasing the time dedicated to their creation and maintenance by 60% through automation with icaria Lean Factory.
Maximize team knowledge by removing barriers of conventional programming and enable a wider set of individuals to create efficient applications.
Sustainable applications
Design and implementation are independant: they can evolve at different rhythms.
Specifications covered
The code generated by icaria Lean Factory and the manual code coexist to meet 100% of the specifications.
Free and independent organisations
The source code is accessible and understandable. It can be maintained manually without depending on icaria Lean Factory (although it will probably be more expensive).
Empowered architects
icaria Architect Lab offers full control of the code generation process. The Architecture recommendations are implemented in the generated code.
Efficient teams
With icaria Lean Factory, version control and teamwork enable efficient collaboration between different application developers.
Reuse of components
The orientation of icaria Lean Factory toward functional components allows the creation of useful modules for different applications, even further increasing the speed of development.
Up to date applications
The generation cartridge will incorporate the evolution of the technology ecosystem. In this way, it is possible to regenerate the functional model in a new technology and thus avoid obsolescence.
Simplify training and use
Standardisation does not only apply to the code. The applications generated with icaria Lean Factory share the same design and operation principles. When you change them, you can change them for all applications.

icaria Lean Factory makes development teams more creative

Put new ideas to work

Quickly create applications - the applications that your new products and processes need. Evolve, pivot, rectify, advance again. icaria Lean Factory helps you find new paths.

Share your knowledge with your colleagues

If you are a great software architect, don’t write the reference white paper. Implement architecture decisions in a generation cartridge and any user of icaria Lean Factory will create applications underpinned by code that is faithful to the software engineering decisions.

Exploit your functional knowledge

icaria Lean Factory takes care of “programming” the applications. You don’t need to know the programming language. What matters is that you know the business.

Do you want to manage your test and production environments efficiently?

Request a free consultation and reduce your working hours, increase the quality of your software and comply with the data protection laws.

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Our clients’ opinions

We chose icaria TDM because they shows us a real, specific problem being solved: the availability of test data.

Pablo Pascual

IT Corporate Development Director en Prosegur

We were seeking a tool to cover GDPR requirements in test data management processes. Previously, we carried out a broad market study, finding software tools from large manufacturers very focused on specific systems, but this was not suitable for our heterogeneity and the adaptations were very complex and had high costs. With ICARIA, we had the flexibility that our heterogenous technology ecosystem needed. Additionally, we have found that the ICARIA solution is applicable to a wide spectrum of data management needs and its life cycle.

Jorge Rodríguez


Masmovil is a company based on innovation. Our clients constantly request new solutions. Icaria Lean Factory is among the business software that we need to launch new products and services before our competition.

Meinrad Spenger

CEO & Founder de Masmovil

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