Test data on demand, when needed and as many times as requested

icaria TDM provides the data that testers and automated tests need, when they need it, as many times as necessary, protecting sensitive information.
Reduce wait times by half and save on the cost of storage, location and creation of resources.
Improve the quality of your software with better test coverage and anticipating fault detection.
Meet GDPR requirements thanks to the automated identification of sensitive data and anonymisation and pseudonymisation capabilities.
Test data search engine
Define the data archetype (profile) through the criteria that characterise it, and locate the data that each test requires.
Identification and masking: anonymisation and pseudonymisation
Automatically locate sensitive data and mask it with anonymisation and pseudonymisation techniques.
Copy subsets of coherent data, with referential integrity and functional richness, from the application environment in which they reside, or from an internal repository, to the environment in which they are needed.
The tester serves themselves their own data, when and where they need it.
Synthetic data
Generate synthetic data for testing based on templates and models.
Test cases
On demand design, storage and on-demand delivery of the input data required by the test case, and checking of the execution result from the data perspective.
Main databases and files
Work with the most popular database including relational, big data and hierarchical technologies, as well as with files.
Integration with third parties
Integration with third party tools via REST API and extensible code.

icaria TDM makes test teams happier

Shorter time to market

When the tests do not wait for data, functionality is available to the business sooner.

Eliminate bottlenecks

The main problem with the manual data creation is not the cost but that it is never enough.

Improve SLAs

The automated process of test data management is predictable. The manual process is not.

Do you want to manage your test and production environments efficiently?

Request a free consultation and reduce your working hours, increase the quality of your software and comply with the data protection laws.

Over 150 solutions in 7 countries

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Our clients’ opinions

We chose icaria TDM because they shows us a real, specific problem being solved: the availability of test data.

Pablo Pascual

IT Corporate Development Director en Prosegur
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We were seeking a tool to cover GDPR requirements in test data management processes. Previously, we carried out a broad market study, finding software tools from large manufacturers very focused on specific systems, but this was not suitable for our heterogeneity and the adaptations were very complex and had high costs. With ICARIA, we had the flexibility that our heterogenous technology ecosystem needed. Additionally, we have found that the ICARIA solution is applicable to a wide spectrum of data management needs and its life cycle.

Jorge Rodríguez

Logo Cetelem

Masmovil is a company based on innovation. Our clients constantly request new solutions. Icaria Lean Factory is among the business software that we need to launch new products and services before our competition.

Meinrad Spenger

CEO & Founder de Masmovil
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