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While You Were on Holiday: Key Updates from the Last Quarter at icaria Technology

This summer, we've tried not to rest on our laurels. Committed to innovation and excellence, at Icaria Technology, we want to introduce you to the latest updates in our icaria TDM and icaria GDPR solutions. Additionally, we're presenting some sneak peeks of our upcoming launch for Data Governance, icaria DG. These updates not only make the platform more versatile but also simplify the integration and automation of processes.

Test Cases and Resource Delivery Flexibility with Enhanced Segmentation

David has spearheaded this initiative, working on one of the most significant improvements; added flexibility in the setup and plans for segmentation and test case executions. Now, it's possible to move or not certain parts of the tree -on demand-, such as purchase orders with a certain age, according to the future use of the transferred TDM resource. Furthermore, the customization function has been extended to allow marking an infinite number of parameters like the desired date for data transfer at the session creation, customizing a whole set of values in database fields based on the indicated parameters, or invoking external services from them.

Easier Configuration of New Data Sources

Advances by Javier and Miguel now allow for the addition and management of new data sources in icaria TDM and icaria GDPR more straightforwardly. This refinement in configuration enables a quicker adaptation to the varied needs of projects, offering more options without complicating the process and easing the users' workload.

Revving Up for icaria Data Governance - The Tool to Rule Them All!

A significant part of the development team, focused on icaria Data Governance, is making progress in the ability to extract and synchronize information from the external metamodel more efficiently, visually, and managed.

The Goal? Data Governance from Different Perspectives:

  • Management and control of changes to the metamodel and business terms.
  • Quality and validation of data.
  • Verification of data integrity across systems.

What Can We Expect from icaria Data Governance?

  • Monitor data quality across all your systems effortlessly, cleaning the data and providing it to the rest of the business and systems.
  • Establish business terms and policies, their hierarchies, relationships, rules, and automate.
  • Facilitate collaboration (and independence) between business teams, information technology, and data.
  • Data assessment following application migration processes.
  • Centralized management of reference data.
  • Metrics and assessment of the coherence of complex business structures across applications.
  • Assistance with compliance to Data Governance Law, GDPR, LOPD, etc.

Improved tools for data architects

The icaria Studio team has enhanced data structure visualization, allowing for viewing nested trees from a single point for icaria TDM and icaria GDPR integrators. Additionally, dissociation, anonymization, and generation policies can now be sent directly with the segmentation structures, thus ensuring consistency and efficiency during project execution and maintenance phases.

More API Services

And together, we scale the REST architecture and expand functionality. We believe in system integration and in automating that process. Therefore, we've expanded the functionality offered through REST services to make automating tests, deployments, and executions easier. All with the goal of facilitating integration into icaria's CI/CD pipeline with other tools, such as Git, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Junit, Spinnaker, and many others that are likely within your deployment flow.

At icaria Technology, we haven't stopped working while you were on vacation, all to ensure that upon your return, you'd find improvements and updates that will make your work life easier and your projects more efficient.

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