proyecto de disociación

Closing a data masking project

Every project comes to an end and this one could not be less. However, there are some details that must be finalized before taking it to production and releasing it in hands of the client and users.

First, let’s define the actual status of the project. We have configured the environments, the Sensitive Data Map is available and ready to be launched at any time, dissociators are configured in Icaria, the segmentation paths, if they exist, are working and, in short, the complete dissociation process is operative. But all this job has been carried out in a development environment, which will be kept for the creation and testing of future releases.

Therefore, at this point some steps are needed. The most obvious, to deploy in production a coherent environment with similar characteristics to the one we can find in development. Before that, it is convenient to check the development deployment to make sure that no notations or traces of testing are left, as well as history of the unneeded executions. These shortcuts, such as creating new sessions, segmenting trees or adding reduced environments, are needed for testing purposes as they allow faster executions but are inconvenient for the final user.

Publish icaria Mirage
Publish icaria TDM

Now, we can generate a deployable version of Icaria TDM, replicate our database and configure the new workspace so that it can be accessed from the outside by those the security responsible decides.

Once the configuration work has been done and we have tested the Icaria TDM, it is fully ready to be delivered and make it available to its users. On one side, for those that will work on the web environment doing dissociation sessions or generating Maps and, on the other side, for those that will have the chance to add new tables to icaria, configure dissociators, update the metamodel and, in the end, to carry out configuration work.

To be able of completing this job is essential to provide adequate training and give useful documentation. In the next post we will give more details about it and will continue with a topic that we already talked about before, communication with user, that, from our experience, we have confirmed that it brings a differential value to the customer.