GDPR software

What does GDPR software do for me?

GDPR management software has become an essential tool for companies that deal with data treatment. Businesses can now take advantage of its potential and value, but at the same time, they need to comply with current data protection regulations.

For this reason, the use of GDPR begins with the approval of the General Data Protection Regulation dated 2018.

The GDPR implements a series of rights that are granted to citizens regarding the processing of their personal data. As a consequence, all companies that do business in the European Union, even if their origin is from outside the EU, must collect and manage data according to GDPR rules and regulations. Otherwise, penalties of up to 4% of annual turnover have been established, and they can reach a maximum of 20 million dollars.

Regarding data management, GDPR implies obligations for companies in three main aspects:

  1. The moment of the collection of sensitive data from citizens, who must give their express consent;
  2. The use of such personal data through different operations;
  3. Security measures that companies put in place to ensure that data is safe from fraud and other malicious uses.

Since the GDPR forces companies to be particularly meticulous with data, GDPR software comes to solve this need. Let’s discuss more about it.

What is GDPR compliance software?

GDPR compliance software is a technological tool aimed at simplifying and automating the requirements established by the GDPR legislation for companies.

In other words, it is a technological tool to efficiently manage ARCO rights, which are the right to be forgotten and the right to be erased.

What problems does it solve?

Compliance with ARCO regulations and rights

ARCO stays for Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition and refers to allowing citizens greater control over their personal data.

For a business, it’s extremely important to find the right GDPR software tool, as not all of them cover ARCO rights. Some are focused on the management of these rights, but don’t deal with the execution of the right itself. For example, they can be capable of detecting that a user has requested to exercise access to their data, but they cannot generate the data access module that, delivered to the user, allows them to exercise their right.

On the contrary, tools like icaria GDPR provide features to not only manage but also effectively and automatically execute ARCO rights.

We’re returning to this topic further down in the article.

Data management

A GDPR compliance software is responsible for automating the operations related to data management in accordance with this legislation.

Some key actions that are automated by this software include:

  • Management of the blocking period. Once the user requests the deletion of their data, the blocking period begins. The right GDPR management software will extract the specific data and store it in a separate repository. This way, in the cases collected by law (for example, if administrative or judicial authorities require it), access to this data can be allowed
  • After the end of the blocking period, the GDPR software must also take care of selectively deleting the information within the blocking repository.

These two operations can be understood from the concept of "seed management", that is, the management of a user's data structure, which can include operations such as extraction, storage, dissociation, restoration, and deletion.


GDPR management software can also take care of applying appropriate masking techniques, including anonymization or pseudonymization.

In this way, the organization can use the data by replacing sensitive information with synonyms or pseudonyms (pseudonymization) or by irreversibly removing the parts that identify a person (anonymization).

What benefits does GDPR software offer?

As we have already seen, the GDPR management software is an effective tool for resolving issues related to legality in data management for companies.

Thus, in a few words, GDPR software makes it possible to find a balance between the protection of personal data and the use of data by companies to take advantage of the Business Intelligence potential that these provide.

But what is the difference between using GDPR software and not using it? The following benefits explain it.

Optimized security

Companies are facing difficulties in managing data by the law, but also the challenges of keeping this data safe from potential fraud and other unwanted situations.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 53% of organizations have at least 1,000 files with sensitive data that have been left vulnerable to this type of problem. In this context, on average an employee (or other unauthorized persons) can access 17% of these files with sensitive data.

This situation supposes not only the violation of the privacy of citizens but also a major potential problem for the reputation of the company, if this data reaches the wrong hands.


The GDPR software automates all processes related to data management, simplifying the workflow, increasing productivity, and ensuring that deadlines are met through management planning. Automatic checks are also activated to make sure everything goes according to plan and issues are prevented instead of solved.

The final result is the total optimization of operations, which also frees the human team from repetitive tasks which is where human error can often come into play.

Cost reduction

The automatic management of data in accordance with the GDPR means a reduction in costs because it allows to minimize the human resources in charge of these operations and link it to other high-value operations, while also increasing their productivity.

Ultimately, GDPR compliance software like icaria GDPR helps companies ensure compliance with the law and the rights of citizens, including ARCO rights and the right to erasure.

Thus, it is positioned as a high-value tool for the comprehensive management of databases: it guarantees that citizens’ rights are granted while also automating processes and increasing productivity.

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