icaria TDM: The Sensitive Data Masking Tool

Data masking has become an essential practice to comply with privacy regulations and protect sensitive information. icaria TDM emerges as the data masking tool, offering advanced solutions for data masking testing.

The Imperative of Data Masking

Managing sensitive data requires an approach that prioritizes security and regulatory compliance. With the increase in regulations such as GDPR, LOPD, LFPDPPP, LPDP, data masking is no longer an option but a necessity. icaria TDM positions itself as the data masking tool designed to meet these demands, allowing organizations to process test data securely and efficiently.

icaria TDM: More Than Data Masking

icaria TDM goes beyond being a simple data masking or pseudonymization tool; it is a comprehensive platform that, based on TDM methodology, ensures data integrity and confidentiality during the testing phases. With its advanced technology, icaria TDM offers:

  • Regulatory Coverage: Alignment with data privacy regulations, ensuring that companies comply with current regulations.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Significant reduction in test data preparation time, speeding up the software development lifecycle without compromising security (CI/CD).
  • Integration with Other Tools: This tool allows integrations with others to improve business process flow.
  • Sensitive Data Mapping: icaria TDM allows you to identify, classify, and track the location and flow of sensitive data within your organization.

Data Masking Solution for Regulatory Compliance

The key to icaria TDM is its ability to simplify regulatory compliance without sacrificing the quality of test data. This tool allows organizations to maintain the relevance and utility of data after masking, ensuring that test environments are as realistic as they are secure.

"Data that looks real but isn't"; thus, they guarantee the performance and quality of software testing

Use Cases of icaria TDM

From financial institutions to healthcare organizations, icaria TDM is applied in various sectors where data protection is critical. The platform has proven to be perfect for:

  • Software Development: Providing secure test data that accelerates development and testing.
  • GDPR and Other Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that data used in tests does not compromise individuals' privacy.
  • Automation of Application Deployment: Integrating into automatic deployment pipelines to ensure software release quality.

icaria TDM is the tool your organization needs to secure its test data and comply with your country's data regulation. Its focus on data masking not only protects sensitive information but also allows companies to maintain agility and efficiency in their development and QA processes.

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