empresa de protección de datos

Data protection company: sensitive data in production environments

The rise of the data protection company as an entity is a response to the increasing need to safeguard data privacy.

On the one hand, the growth of cyber threats means that organizations face an increasingly hostile digital environment. On the other hand, more strict regulation around this matter means compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a critical issue in recent years.

At the intersection of these issues, an indisputable reality stands out: data today translates into highly valuable assets for companies, serving as a foundation in a new era where AI and business intelligence reign.

In this context, data security has quickly become an unavoidable priority: only legal and secure data processing will allow companies to take advantage of its full potential.

It is precisely at this point that the data protection company and tools such as GDPR software stand out. Let’s analyze its role in today's data security landscape.

Company obligations according to the GDPR

Briefly defined, the obligations established by the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) include:

  • Requirements regarding the collection of sensitive data, such as obtaining express consent
  • Obligations regarding the legal use of data
  • Requirements on security measures to safeguard data against fraud and malicious uses

As such, a series of obligations are established for companies to comply with that apply to the entire life cycle of data. Otherwise, they are exposed to consequences such as fines and legal proceedings linked to civil liability, in addition to serious reputational consequences due to non-compliance with the GDPR.

Establishing robust data protection policies allows companies to protect themselves against digital threats. This is particularly important at a time when cyberattacks are increasingly aimed at disrupting business operations and damaging their reputation, as stated in the World Economic Forum's 'Global Security Outlook 2023' report.

In turn, having adequate data management allows organizations to be more transparent and multiply the trust that customers place in them.

What is a data protection company and what functions does it perform?

A data protection company is an organization specialized in providing solutions for data management and compliance with privacy laws.

They thus provide comprehensive management of a complex ecosystem such as the data privacy landscape, ensuring compliance with any applicable data regulations.

Typical functions of a data protection management company include establishing the technical and organizational measures for GDPR compliance and implementing best practices in data protection.

Why hire a data protection company for GDPR compliance

Specialized data protection management companies are responsible for activating the necessary practices to protect an organization’s data and ensure compliance with the law.

Through tools such as the best data protection software involving GDPR compliance, it is possible to adopt measures such as anonymization techniques, in addition to facilitating compliance with ARCO rights.

In other words, in complex ecosystems such as the ones involving data, the data protection company guarantees compliance, among other additional benefits.

Thus, this service frees organizations from the need to internally develop specialized capabilities in this field. In this way, having the help of a data protection company lays the foundations to avoid wasting resources in this area and, therefore, accessing cost reduction.

The role of GDPR software

When looking for the best data protection software, GDPR software platforms stand out as the technological tools to simplify compliance with data privacy legislation.

In order to do this, they are responsible for automating and optimizing processes in areas such as:

  • Compliance with ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) according to the law. A proper GDPR software tool not only manages these rights but is capable of enforcing them effectively and automatically.
  • Data management and “seed management” according to the GDPR. This includes operations such as extraction, storage, disassociation, restoration and deletion, ensuring the management of the blocking period and the selective deletion of data.
  • Anonymization and implementation of relevant techniques for masking.

As such, GDPR software makes it easier for companies to comply with the law in data management. At the same time, they are an essential tool to find the effective balance between data protection and data exploitation for business intelligence.

This guarantees the security of data against cyber attacks and fraud, all through automation. At the same time, it’s an effective strategy to leave potential human errors behind and ensure deadlines are met, while also facilitating cost reduction.

icaria GDPR

At icaria Technology, we position ourselves as a data protection company thanks to icaria GDPR. This data compliance software allows companies to ensure compliance with ARCO rights and manage data in a legal and efficient manner.

The tool is useful both in productive application environments (whether custom developments or standard products) and to the main database technologies, and its features include:

  • Guarantees a responsible use of data, including compliance with ARCO rights
  • Process automation, avoiding human error and guaranteeing efficient management of resources
  • High technology to generate differentiated treatments by interested parties, creating ‘right-to-be-forgotten’ plans according to their nature. This includes processes such as the identification of sensitive data, data search, deletion or anonymization.
  • Versatility in the variety of data structures managed, being a new reference standard for the industry
  • Cost reductions thanks to comprehensive management of data storage applications
  • Capacities for the simultaneous processing in various applications and databases, including custom-developed applications

In short, icaria GDPR stands out as a tool for complying with ARCO rights and requests that contributes to shielding productive environments and guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

With millions of customers whose data has been effectively managed and protected, our tool is positioned as a leader among data protection management companies and the best data protection software available today.

Want to learn more about our icaria GDPR tool and how it can help your organization implement automatic, effective and law-compliant data privacy management? Get in touch with us and request a demo to experience the software first-hand.